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Welcome To Nexage
Welcome to Nexage

Message from the CEO:

Thank you for visiting the web site of NexAge Technologies USA Inc. The key to our success has been our unique entrepreneurial culture that has helped us to recognize and act upon opportunities even in the midst of a global economic crisis. Our organization objectives have two strategic components. First, to be the preferred organization that a client or partner executive calls to meet their IT services needs. Second, to be the employer-of-choice for the best professionals in the IT industry. We have proven that nurturing high levels of Integrity and Trust throughout the organization is an invaluable leadership competency that literally translates into growth in revenues and profits.

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About Us NexAge Technologies USA, Inc. (NexAge) is a professionally managed IT/software services firm based in New Jersey, USA. Founded in September 1999, the company has successfully navigated two major economic downturns and registering growth well above the industry average over the past five years in the process garnering several awards for entrepreneurial excellence (Refer to Awards). The company is privately owned and is a NMSDC Certified Minority Business Enterprise. A key driver to the growth of the company is its unique organizational culture that is based on a set of core organizational values which nurtures trust, teamwork, loyalty, discipline, continuous learning, quick decision-making, creativity, performance improvement, strategic thinking and leadership development at all levels within the organization. more more



NexAge has effectively implemented a hybrid business strategy consisting of Strategic IT Consulting services in high growth industry verticals and providing solution to organizations in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. Over the past 5 years, we have successfully designed and executed a well thought through strategy to create distinct competitive advantages in all our services. We have earned a stellar reputation with our clients and business partners as a highly reliable organization. In collaboration with our strategic partners, we have built our business around a proven methodology we call 360 Degree Consulting, of attracting, retaining and motivating top quality IT and management talent from USA and abroad. This has helped us exceed client expectation of quality, consistency and speed.

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Competitive Advantages

At NexAge we believe that creating competitive advantage on a strategic level is an ongoing endeavor that needs the involvement of all employees and the focus of the top management.  Our competitive advantages not only separate us from competition, but also keep our business growing much faster than competitors. Based on extensive interactions with employees and clients, we have identified some of our key competitive advantages. We take care to nourish these competitive advantages, while we constantly work on developing new ones. Our competitive advantages answer the customer question: Why should we do business with NexAge? It also addresses the question that a prospective employee may have: How is NexAge better than other IT firms?

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