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Delivery of superior strategic IT consulting solutions to US corporations of every size is a core competency of NexAge. Our client testimonials and case studies highlight few of our success stories. In the area of strategic IT consulting we have distinct competitive advantages due to multiple factors such as:
  • Direct employees on long term employment contract.
  • Specialized knowledge of in-demand technology skills and processes such as ERP applications, Data Warehousing, Web Technologies, Performance Testing, Validation of Computer Systems, Equipment and Processes and Regulatory Compliance
  • Direct client, Prime Vendor, or Vendor Management Service (VMS) relationship
  • Highly effective and efficient global recruiting, training and development process.
All the strategic factors listed above enable us to have a distinct advantage over other organizations in the industry. Some of these advantages are:
  • The ability to attract, recruit and retain the best IT talent on a global level
  • Better control over the availability and tenure of our employees for client assignments.
  • Since we operate either directly with the client or thru a client appointed VMS or prime vendor, we are able to avoid multiple layers which leads to the most competitive pricing and cost savings for the client
  • We are able to offer our employees better compensation and benefits which results in highly satisfied and motivated employees. This in turn has enabled us to keep our employee turnover of less that 8% per annum, amongst the lowest in the IT industry in the US.
Over the past 7 years, we have successfully designed and deployed a strategy to create and sustain these distinct strategic advantages in our IT consulting operations. We have earned a stellar reputation in the IT industry as a reliable organization that consistently delivers high quality results. The company has built its consulting business around exceeding client expectation of quality and service. By focusing on quality and going the extra mile to provide superior client service and support, NexAge has effectively differentiated itself from competition. Our unique organizational culture that is based on common values, high levels of trust, integrity and ethics attracts clients as well as high quality IT professionals . Our attractive compensation and benefits fosters loyalty and generates referrals that have become a major source of new business as well as new employees. NexAge supplements its strategic IT consulting practice by a highly effective, proprietary internal training and development program that equips and cross trains our employees with the latest version of cutting edge technologies, processes, applications and also with the leadership skills required to successfully execute on strategy.

Primary Skills

Computer Systems Validation / IT Audit  Data Warehousing
ERP Applications:  SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle Web Technologies:  .Net, Java
Performance Testing/QA Project Managers/ Business Analysts



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