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Staring from the days preceding the founding of the company, the management of the company formulated specific strategies to create competitive advantages to help us standout as a unique organization.  We have been preparing for years to respond to the inevitable question: What does NexAge bring to a client engagement that is truly unique and adds value? A brief summary of our key competitive advantages and their resultant performance metrics are listed below:

Our People: The first and foremost competitive advantage of NexAge has been the consistently high quality of our employees-both technical and managerial. 100% of our employees hold an advanced technical degree and/or possess a professional certification in their skills. Over 85% have over 7.5 years of real time work experience.

Our Values : How do we attract and retain high quality software talent? The answer to this is rooted in our “values based” and highly professional approach to doing business. The core value of the organization can be summarized in our tag line “IT with Integrity” and is detailed in our Code of Ethics. Integrity is the overriding factor that determines company policies and procedures. We believe in earning, sustaining and growing trust by keeping our commitments to clients and employees and in sharing the fruits of growth and profits with all organizational stakeholders. We are able to attract, retain and motivate senior professionals, who find our values based approach a refreshing change from what they have become accustomed to. That is the reason that our employee turnover has been below 7% per year, far below the industry average and we have had zero attrition of our management & sales staff since 2003.

Our Experience, Skill and Work EthicOur professionals possess extensive experience across multiple industries and technologies. 85% of our employees have over 7.5 years of real time work experience-with 33% of the employees having over 12 years of work experience. In addition to technical competence, the ethic of hard work is ingrained in all our employees thru training and an organizational culture that recognizes and rewards superior performance. The combination of skill, experience and hard work has enabled us to develop a stellar record of performance with clients and business partners. Our client testimonials and repeat business shown how our software professionals help us develop strong client relationships and help turn complicated and confusing problems into practical solutions.

Our Unyielding Commitment to Employee and Client Satisfaction: We believe that our employees are our greatest asset and therefore our commitment to employees only begins with recruitment. After a prospective employee joins NexAge, we provide him/her with advanced training, quality support and attractive employees benefits that are targeted at winning the head (understanding), heart (belief) and hands (action) of the employee. It is the reason why 66% of our employees have been with us for over 5 years and why we have several cases of ex-employees, who after working with other firms, decided to come back and rejoin NexAge. It has been our experience that the commitment of our employees extends to all our clients and business partners too and is the primary reason why we have earned repeat business from over 90% of our clients. We have found that happy employees are able to focus on their work and this result in satisfied clients.

Our Organizational Culture:  We take immense pride in our unique culture, which nourishes a disciplined, performance oriented culture where results speak louder than words.  Our organizational culture that is based on a set of  organizational values which nurtures trust, teamwork, loyalty, discipline, continuous learning, quick decision-making, collaborative partnership, creative thinking, intrapreneurship, performance improvement and leadership development. Our rewards and recognition policies, which include the periodic increments and the annual Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awards, foster a climate of personal growth and professional excellence.

NexAge constantly works towards translating our unique competitive advantages into projected results for our clients by creating greater value for the project, the client organization and individual client managers. Our competitive advantages helps our clients achieve intended results and in turn are key drivers of our growth by way of repeat business from clients and referrals from employees.


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